Fast and friendly tone of voice

With over 350 stores internationally, Primark serves a global audience of shoppers looking for the fast fashion at a low price.

Created in part as a response to a personalising each store location, I devised and produced a bespoke, hand-rendered font in two widths.

Photography: Patrick Delecroix – VDNPQR
Photography: John Muggenborg

Out with a friend

The handwriting allowed messaging to break out of the brand sans serif and welcome the customer into their Primark. It’s the voice of a friend telling you that you look great in that top. And just £6? It’s a bargain!

The typeface covers almost every touchpoint, from hoardings to ticketing, and digital screens to social media assets.

No canvas support

From pencil to print

I experimented with four different pencils, writing out each letter of the alphabet multiple times over. Then I scanned the sheets in, isolated and cleaned up my preference of each character and converted them to vector outlines.

I then used these to create the font, set the kerning pairs and export as a shareable, working Open Type file with a full set of numerals, punctuation and accented characters.

Experiments with different writing materials