These are not just campaigns...

M&S Food has a reputation for quality produce, and products that bring a showstopping element to any table or make the perfect gift.

With the agency Whippet, I worked on the design and roll out of a number of seasonal events and campaigns, guiding how they would look across a range of assets from windows and in-store messaging to press and social media.

M&S Food Christmas – Bag for Life
M&S Food Christmas – Panettone lock-up

A Christmas like no other

Coming at the end of 2020, the Christmas campaign would need to be celebratory and generate excitement – but also feel traditional and reassuring after an unpredictable year.

Taking cues from the typography of classic Christmas cards, each hero product got a bespoke lock-up; the product name at the centre in a script font, surrounded by smaller proof points to highlight quality and taste.

M&S Food Christmas – Hanging banners down the central aisle
M&S Food Christmas – Hanging banner in store
M&S Food Christmas – Shelf-edge messaging
Photography: M&S Food
M&S Food Christmas – Social post helping customers to plan for the season
Photography: M&S Food

M&S Food Christmas – Window posters

M&S Food Mother's Day – Range of in-store POS

Make her day

Flowers, chocolates and bubbles are ever-popular gifts for Mother’s Day. To contrast with the predominantly pink packaging, I chose a colour pallete that is classic but not dated; the floral colours standing out against a dark teal-blue.

The headline calls out Mother’s Day across the store, but the copy can flex within the typographic layout for key areas like gifting event zones and product specific displays.

Photography: M&S Food

M&S Food Father's Day – Look and feel

M&S Food Father's Day – In-store easels

The Daddy of all...

Gifts like chocolates and alcohol are key products for Father’s Day – but as it falls in summer, items for a barbecue are also popular. The blues and greens of the scheme played into the idea of the outdoors and bright weather.

The campaign line changes as it appears across the store, depending on the product: The Daddy of all treats, grills, drinks, etc., keeping it playful.

Photography: M&S Food