Guiding shoppers through the festive forest

With 75 centres nationwide, Dobbies is the UK’s leading garden centre. I designed the look and feel for their in-store and social communication for Christmas 2022.

Dobbies puts a strong emphasis on giving their customers the know-how to look after their plants long after purchase. I was keen for this sense of care and craft to be present in the design, so I drew inspiration from layered paper art to create a forest scene.

Dobbies Christmas 2022 in store
Dobbies Christmas 2022 in store

Inspire and Educate

At shelf level, messaging helps the customer choose. Guidance on the number of lights and decorations for each tree size helps them select the right products.

Beyond the store environment, the forest pattern featured in social media campaigns and I designed gift bags and wrap.

Dobbies Christmas 2022 POS
Dobbies Christmas 2022 digital advent calendar
Dobbies Christmas 2022 gift wrap (concept visual)